Searching the Web

The Internet can be a powerful resource for checking out medical news stories you have read in a print or electronic publication, or heard about on the television or radio.

Many federal agencies have homepages with links to information on the health and medical subjects they oversee. The National Institutes of Health also has a page designed to make it easy for the public to search the huge database of the

You can visit the Food and Drug Administration homepage or go directly to two FDA pages designed to provide information to consumers. The Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER) Consumer Drug Information page includes information about FDA-approved drugs. The FDA Medical Products Reporting Program (MedWatch) covers information on all medical products.
U.S. Food and Drug Administration Homepage
CDER Consumer Drug Information
FDA MedWatch

A large number of medical journals are now online, but they tend to give access to the full text of articles only to their subscribers. Still, some useful information is available to the public.
The Journal of the American Medical Association
The New England Journal of Medicine

A great many organizations that focus on specific illnesses have Web pages designed to provide information to the public.
The American Heart Association
The American Cancer Society

To find more special interest pages, use one of the search engines available on your browser or from your Internet service provider. Some popular search engines include Google, Yahoo and AltaVista.

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