Pheromone Sprays for Romance Dating

Secreted from the sweat glands in humans, pheromones are chemical substances that are odorless. They are a sort of chemical communication produced by animals. Certain pheromones that humans and other mammals secrete are formulated to entice a mate as well as furnish data regarding a couple’s genetic compatibility and ability to reproduce.

The apocrine glands are thought to produce pheromones in humans. These glands become mature during puberty which is the cause for many youngsters becoming attracted to others around this time. Pheromones also change the level of hormones, hasten puberty, manage a woman’s menstruation, influence how we pick a romantic partner, as well as our sexual preference. They help to bond mother and child as well as enable us to tell family and friends apart from strangers.

When it comes to romance among humans, pheromones hidden in your body will probably play a significant and genetically clever role in attracting the opposite sex. An article in Psychology Today states that how we perceive others’ body odors (especially those of the opposite sex) is a very individualized process. In fact, we probably smell the sweetest to those who have a genetic immunity to disease that’s different from ours. Healthier and stronger children are ensured by this part of the process of natural selection.

When it pertains to the association of the opposite sex, pheromones are explained as a “feeling” of being drawn to somebody and not knowing why. As I’ve experienced this sensation myself, I can tell you that “it’s very strong!” There’s still a debate if human pheromones can be produced in in a synthetic form to be applied on one’s body.

Manufacturers of pheromone sprays and perfumes battle hard in this area, each one promising to have a “hidden” substance to lure the opposite sex and also make everyone around you become enamored with you. Even though this research has just begun, scientists have been able to isolate specific chemicals that can produce in humans this proverbial “pheromone” response. These, of course, have been bottled and are on the market today, selling in the millions. The most authentic mixtures will have a substance called Di-Dehydroepiandrosterone in them or they will contain the correct balance of androsterone.

The efficacy of pheromones that are chemically produced have been verified by many studies. A similar study by a pioneer in pheromones, Dr. Smilu, showed a number of reassuring results. Sixty-five percent of the people in the study, after taking a pheromone product created by the same Dr. Batler, enjoyed elevated occurrences of hugging, kissing and sexual activity. Why not fork over some money for Pheromone Spray, if this is the case? Do you have anything to lose?

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