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I am lactose intolerant and also can not have yogurt. What food groups should i eat from instead of the dairy.
also i have irratable bowel syndrom and have to go very easy on veggies and fruit, and also high fiber foods. do you have any suggestions for that. Thank you very much.

Great questions! Hope this helps…
1. Regarding the lactose intolerance, today’s market is abundant in dairy substitutes. I would recommend trying soy or rice milk, soy cheese and soy yogurt. There are many varieties to choose from and finding a brand you like will take some experimenting. But read the food labels to make sure you are consuming foods that are fortified with calcium. You can also try juices that are fortified with calcium. And remember that eating a varied and balanced diet will provide you with a range of nutrients, which your body needs.
2. Regarding the IBS – this is a problem that is fairly common in adults, and even more common in women, so you are not alone! It is obvious that you are aware that certain foods do not sit well with you, so you’re off to a good start. Nutritional therapy is highly individualized and the best way for you to learn which foods will be tolerable is by trial-and-error. Treatment involves avoiding gas-forming foods such as dairy products, legumes and some vegetables. Other helpful strategies include eating low-fat meals and smaller, more frequent meals. The reason being that large meals tend to cause more intestinal cramping. So really try to spread out your food into small portions throughout the day. Believe it or not, stress reduction can help to reduce IBS symptoms. Unless your doctor has recommended otherwise, elimination of fiber from the diet is not indicated, so go ahead and enjoy small amounts of fruits, vegetables and whole grains.
As long as you are eating balanced meals in small amounts, you should be able to tolerate a wide variety of foods. Of course, if you should encounter a food that gives you trouble, then go ahead and avoid it in the future. These are very general guidelines because there really are no hard and fast rules for IBS; not all foods have the same effect on everyone. Hopefully this can get you off to a good start. I wish you much luck!

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