Yoga or Stretching

A thorough stretching sessions makes up the final few minutes of the Ultimate Aerobic Program. A few slow stretches and twists complement the thorough aerobic program you have just finished.

The aerobics have stimulated all the muscles and joints. The muscles are stronger, and the joints more flexible, so now move slowly and gently into some basic stretching movements or yoga postures.

Flexibility is very important in our day-to-day lives. Spending a few minutes stretching and cooling down will allow you to maintain a full range of movements in all your joints. (If you have any injuries or physical disabilities or limitations, please consult a doctor.)

Range of motion is a prime example, “If you don’t use it, you lose it.” A few stretches will help you regain any range of motion that you lost plus maintain what you’ve got.

See the section on Yoga and Stretching

Movement descriptions: The Fitness Mags have multi page articles devoted to each of the exercises listed below!
POSITION: Hand shoulder width, palms in, elbow down.
MOVEMENT: Shoulder to straight up.
FORM: Move elbow up and extend hand as high as possible.
POSITION: Hands shoulder width, palms front, hands at upper chest level. Elbow out.
MOVEMENT: Upper chest to over head.
FORM: Push hands straight over head, straightening the elbow, and extending the hand over head.
POSITION: Arms to the side, palms out.
MOVEMENT: Hip to over head, to the side.
FORM: Arms slightly bent. Palms up going up, palms down going down.
POSITION: Arms to the side, palms in.
MOVEMENT: Hip to overhead, in front.
FORM: Arms slightly bent. Palms facing in, shoulder width.
POSITION: Hand at side, palm front.
MOVEMENT: Hand to shoulder.
FORM: Keeping the elbow some what stationary bring the hand to the shoulder.
POSITION: Hand at side, knuckle front.
MOVEMENT: Hand to shoulder.
FORM: Keeping the elbow some what stationary bring the hand up to the shoulder.
POSITION: Hand at side, knuckle front.
MOVEMENT: Hand to shoulder while rotating hand.
FORM: From a knuckle out position, bring the palm to the shoulder.
POSITION: Arms down, palm to side.
MOVEMENT: Palm to under arm, elbow out.
FORM: Bring the palm to the under arm by moving the elbow out.
POSITION: Arms straight over head, shoulder width.
MOVEMENT: From extension to tie back of the shoulder.
FORM: Keeping the elbow stationary, lower the weights to the back of the shoulder.

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HANDGRIP: Two sets of as many as I can do that day holding the grips both ways and alternating hands. I use this as a break at the 20 minute mark and then finish off with the heavier weights.
PUSH UP. Chest to floor with butt up. Begin with your knees on the floor if necessary.
STOMACH CRUNCH: Lay on your back. Knees bent and up. Hands behind your head.. Look to a point/spot on the ceiling behind you. Lift your shoulders oft the floor, hold for one count.
LEG EXTENSIONS: On your back, hands behind your head.
1st Set: touch left elbow to right knee and hold one count, then touch right elbow to left knee and hold one count.
2nd Set: Hold one count then push again one count.
Hands on chair, elbow straight, body up.
Lower butt to floor by bending your arms.
Pelvis up, back flat. Move your hips to the ceiling by flexing your butt. Keep your back on to floor. It is a small movement.
1st Set: Knees apart, squeeze butt up!
2nd Set: Knees together, squeezing knees together and butt up.
Seated or standing. Knees straight.
Bend as far forward as possible. Slowly
Feel the stretch in the back of your legs.
Hold the maximum stretch for at least 5 seconds.
I try to hold for 1 minute.. continuously extending.
Lie on your left side, legs at a 90° angle in front of you.
Left arm in front.
Now try to put your right shoulder with arms extended on the floor and hold the stretch.
Feel the stretch in your chest, shoulder, and trunk.
Left foot one long step in front of right, at shoulder width.
Lunge for wall, bending the front knee.
Pull your shoulder back, go as far down as possible and hold for a few seconds.
Repeat on both sides.

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