What You Need to Know About HGH. Part 2


METHOD # 3: HGH Supplements (Herbal Supplements)

The debate continues as to whether or not HGH Supplements are effective. Nevertheless, a number of studies done lately have pointed to the effectiveness of some HGH Supplements and that their benefits are comparable to those which are provided by expensive HGH injections.

With HGH Supplements made with herbs, a mixture of herbs is taken as a tablet or capsule version. Usually, the pills are swallowed before going to sleep, since HGH production in the pituitary gland is more effective while the person sleeps.

Herbal HGH supplements are not made of artificial HGH like injections and oral sprays are. On the contrary, the ingredients in herbal HGH Supplements consist of 100% natural herbs. It is thought that the correct mixture of herbs can revitalize the pituitary gland, making it bring more superfluous levels of the growth hormone in your body.

Several professionals think that HGH Supplements are much better than taking injections or using sprays specifically for this purpose. Instead of taking a strange hormone into our body, HGH Supplements encourage your body to make more growth hormones. This on the other hand, takes away the bad side effects you would get from other versions of HGH replacement.

Pros: A lot of herbal HGH Supplements are quite effective, and that is based on  several recent studies. Herbal HGH Supplements are much less costly than injections and oral sprays with the advantage of no side effects. Additionally, no prescription is needed for herbal HGH Supplements.

Cons:  N/A

So what do we learn from this information?

Available information regarding Human Growth Hormone indicates that herbal HGH Supplements are the most cost effective, safest and most effective way to increase or restore your natural HGH levels.

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