Valley Fitness Center. Part 2

All of these classes and programs help those who aren’t regular exercisers become more comfortable with working out and with the fitness center environment. For those who are ready to tackle “regular” group exercise classes, there are many to choose from. Classes include Reebok Core Training (using Reebok Core Boards), Reebok Final Cuts, step aerobics, kickboxing, sports conditioning, water aerobics, yoga, Pilates, belly dancing and interval classes.

To keep all of these programs and classes running smoothly, Valley Fitness Center has a mix of employees ranging from full-time staff to independent contractors, explains Manager Dina Kuolt. It has 10 contractors who teach some of the group exercise classes (seven are regular instructors and three are substitutes), and two contract personal trainers. Full-time staff consists of five instructors, one manager and one director. “All of our instructors have their bachelor’s and/or master’s degree in exercise science or a related field,” Kuolt says.

As for marketing these specialized services, the hospital facility relies on several methods. Explains Kuolt, “We primarily market within the hospital and clinics, and rely on word-of-mouth. We also advertise in the local/regional newspapers, and receive good response from this.” Internally, the facility has promotions and contests for member referrals, plus monthly specials that are publicized around the hospital through a newsletter, reader boards and signs.
So what is the secret to success when working with special populations? “Customer service is key,” says Kuolt. “Your customers are why you are in business.”

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