Valley Fitness Center. Part 1

Where Special Populations Are the Norm

There has been lots of talk in the fitness industry lately about catering to “special populations,” and attracting non-typical health club members to boost numbers and to get the population back into shape. When it comes to this, Valley Fitness Center, a medically based fitness facility located at Valley Medical Center in a suburb south of Seattle, is ahead of the game.

In addition to a full-sized gymnasium, 25-yard swimming pool, therapy pool, cardiovascular equipment, weight equipment and free weights, the facility also offers a variety of programs for special populations. Such classes include stress-free water walking classes for individuals with arthritis, fibromyalgia and hip/knee replacement, plus prenatal water exercise classes. There is also something called Supervised Adult Fitness, which is geared toward graduates of cardiac rehabilitation, or older adults who would like more individual attention from an instructor. Another specialized program is Fit for Life, which is a strength conditioning class for beginners and/or older adults. Plus, there is Women’s Triathlon Training, a three-month program that introduces women to the sport of triathlon.

Valley Fitness Center also offers a variety of fitness and lifestyle-management programs to members and employees of the hospital. Services include fitness evaluations, lifestyle counseling, exercise prescriptions and orientations, and personal training. Plus, there are fitness clinics, such as a body ball clinic, step clinic, stretching clinic, abs/back clinic, functional fitness clinic and Weight Lifting at Home for Beginners. And Valley’s Weight No More program is a 12-week weight-loss program that combines classroom work with physical workouts.

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