The Miracle of Sucralose!

There’s a brand-new sweetener in town and it’s the first non-caloric sweetener made from sugar! That’s right! It isn’t saccharin, aspartame or isomalt.

It doesn’t contain sugar alcohols, like malitol and sorbitol. It is made from real sugar!

“Sucralose,” marketed as “Splenda,” is created with a multi-step patented process. For the science-minded, sucralose is made by altering the sugar molecule. Three chlorine atoms are substituted for three hydroxyl groups. The new molecule, sucralose, is 600 times sweeter than sugar!

So what does all this mean? It means Splenda looks like sugar, tastes like sugar, measures like sugar and … here it comes … has no unpleasant aftertaste! No wonder it is being touted as a “miracle sweetener.” In fact, Splenda can be used anywhere sugar is used!

Splenda’s taste is clean and good! It doesn’t have the sickeningly sweet, overpowering flavor of saccharin. It doesn’t raise the questions of safety that have plagued aspartame. It doesn’t result in the “intestinal distress” problems associated with isomalt and sugar alcohols.

Splenda can be used in cooking and baking and it will not lose its sweetness! Products containing Splenda are exceptionally stable, and sweetness is maintained under a wide variety of storage conditions.

Temperature variations and long storage times do not affect product quality.

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