The Home: Motivation and Self-Esteem. Part 2

A child needs a sense of power and an opportunity to risk and make mistakes. Life’s lessons are only learned by the person who is experiencing them.

A sense of purpose in life to set goals, working to reach them, having priorities and tools for establishing this task builds self-esteem.
A sense of ability will be recognized by our child’s small accomplishments at a very early age. Tasks around the house and in the yard are important, not because you need things done, but it helps to give the child inner rewards to completing them.

A sense of joy in life is something that a child learns from his/her parents. Family “fun time” is recommended to make a child’s spirit soar free. When was the last time you as a parent had fun? If you were a child that was not allowed to play very much, you may have lost that ability. Play is important for the growth and development of a healthy child, and parent.

A sense of curiosity is natural. If we as parents encourage this curiosity, it will be easier for them to ask questions and take an interest in the world around them. It’s okay for them to ask all questions, even ones about sexuality. If we minimize or discount what they ask, we are taking away one of the most wonderful gifts they have, which is natural spontaneous curiosity. Tell them the truth. They will find out sooner or later, and it may as well come from you and not from the street.

A sense of integrity is obvious when a person respects himself/herself and others. When children live in an environment of respect, their sense of self-esteem is high. They see themselves as worthy of love. This is the shield that will protect them from getting involved in negative activities such as drugs, gangs, early pregnancy and poor relationships.

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