The Case of the Missing Brain, Part 2

In mild defense of Jed and Robb, the tribe didn’t seem to have much of a problem with leaving the net in the good hands of the team idiot and the team lazy-ass. Also, why didn’t anyone else help look for the net? If I were there, knowing how important the net was, I would’ve searched for the dang thing no matter who lost it.

Reader’s Comment: “According to Jed, Jake and Penny had net duty and they apparently lost it on purpose to set Jed and Robb up.”

Follow-up: I read a transcript of Jed’s Early Show interview. The reader is right (but I saw no mention of the set-up). Jed stated that it was he and Robb that dragged the net out, but that the tribe members were going to take turns watching the net. He said Jake and Penny were in charge of watching it after him and Robb and that Jake and Penny were the ones to take a nap and leave the net unwatched.

So, according to Jed, he and Robb didn’t lose it; Jake and Penny did. But Shii Ann clearly thought it was Jed. And Penny sure did a good acting job when Jake told her and Erin that the net was lost.

Unfortunately, the cameras and the editing could’ve showed us exactly what happened and who was responsible for the net. Instead, I guess they’d rather the viewers continue to speculate.

So allow me to review. Robb and Jed, and quite likely the entire Tribe Skateboard, thought that it would be a good idea to drag the net out into the water – this net which had little floating buoys on it – and take a long nap, trusting that the waves and the undertow and the constant movement of the ocean would just leave it where they dropped it off.

And then, in a classic Survivor cameraman/editing moment, as Jed leaves the water unsuccessful in his search, the camera pans up directly behind him to show the net less than 50 yards out. Another shot of the net from above shows it floating peacefully away to a new life of freedom. The fish all wonder if God put it there as some kind of sick joke.

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