Mandie’s Journal

I dropped 6 pounds after my period week. I guess I retain a lot of water weight! I can see the changes in my arms — the exercise has made them smaller and firmer. My face looks leaner, too. People are starting to notice.

I got a bad cold this week, and lost my appetite from Monday to Friday. I just didn’t feel like eating. Fruit appealed to me, and I kept drinking lots of water. Thursday after Valleyball, I was too tired to eat when I got home. By Friday night, I had an appetite for a good meal — so I cooked chicken fajitas with all low-fat ingredients — it tasted so good to my newly awakened taste buds!

Your weight really zigzags up and down. Fortunately, you always end up weighing less. Sorry you were sick this week — you at least didn’t use food to comfort yourself. Have you been packing a lunch? Or have you found better selections around your work?

You also did not snack at night. I guess you were resting. Hopefully you have broken the habit of later evening treats. You may find that you are overly hungry this week, as you feel better.

A couple of weeks of regular exercise and smart food choices will really pay off. You need to get both pieces of this program on a regular schedule. Just keep on trying!

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