Jen’s Journal: Week 6. Part 3

In spite of many big things going on in your life, you lost another 2 pounds this week. A stressful deadline at work, and moving into a new house is enough to blow anyone’s resolve to lose weight! Perhaps having worked on good eating habits for the last two months has prepared you to not fall into bad habits when the stress picks up. So far it doesn’t appear that you have succumbed to lots of junk food, and I know moving days can certainly be challenging. You don’t normally chose high-fat foods, so I think you will do fine.

You averaged 18 fat grams this week, and continue to get lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet. And the exercise of packing and unpacking will add up. We go to the gym because our lives are so sedentary. Your move is built in exercise — particularly weight lifting!

If friends offer to help, get them to unpack the kitchen first and go on a shopping trip for you from a list you have made up. You can get into your good eating habits as soon as possible. When is the big day? Good luck!


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