Jen’s Journal: Week 6. Part 2

Hiking and walking certainly count as exercise — and they count as aerobic activity if you were able to elevate your heart rate for a sustained period of time. This might not have been possible playing golf (since you have to stop to hit the ball) but it could easily have happened with your hiking, especially considering the steep inclines.

Do you ever take your pulse while hiking? What is your perceived exertion? Are you able to converse easily while hiking or are you breathing too hard to speak much? You want to find a balance at which you are challenging your body without overexerting.

Since the next two weeks will find you in a time crunch, I would suggest you look for alternative ways to fit in some resistance training. If getting to the gym is impossible for this period, perhaps you could perform ab curls and pushups at home or work. They don’t take much time and they are great exercises. Maybe if you’re watching television at night, you can get on the floor and perform some leg lifts, too. Just be sure to do all of the movements in a slow and controlled manner.

Finally, don’t neglect your stretches, which are important for flexibility and may provide some relaxation during this stressful time. The stretches are especially vital after your hikes and golf games.

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