Jen’s Journal: Week 6. Part 1

As far as this week goes, it could have been better and it could have been worse. Because of work, it’s nearly impossible for me to get to the gym at lunch like I used to be able to. So I didn’t lift weights or work out on any aerobics machines. However, I did get some exercise. I played golf, hiked, walked and so forth.

On the diet front I feel that I did quite well. I’ve cut back on the candy and did well in the Coke department, also. I made fairly healthy choices overall.

I see the next few weeks as a big challenge for both nutrition and exercise. At work we are under a huge deadline so I will not be able to make it to the gym during the day. At home we are all packed up and waiting to move into our new house, so we’ve even packed up a lot of our cooking supplies. Fortunately, we have a gas grill so we can still barbecue dinner.

More than anything it’s the stress of work and closing on our new house that’s getting to me. At least I’m burning some calories with all the packing and cleaning I’m doing at home, but with many of our pots and pans packed away — plus being short on time — there’s a tendency to snack rather than eat prepared meals. Any advice for the coming two weeks will be appreciated!

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