Elementary Facts Regarding Hair Loss

If you among those suffering from hair loss, it can become an issue. In reality, we lose more than 100 hairs each day.

If you suffer hair loss, it can be a problem. In reality, more than 100 strands of hair fall out daily from our scalp. Anyone who does not experience hair loss should consider themselves lucky, because hundreds of hairs can be lost daily. If you do not pay attention to your hair loss, at some point in the future, you may find that you have very little hair left.

Genetic or hormone issues are reported to be the reason for 90% of all hair loss. Androgenic alopecia is the reason men are bald at their hair line and on their whole head. This is also called male pattern baldness. For women there is normally thinning hair on the entire head. It is not similar to the lines of the hair that result from the same androgenic alopecia. For ladies, it is called hair loss in women.
When they are 45 years old nearly 65% of white men deal with hair loss. In addition, some women begin losing their hair between the ages of 30 and 40, but significant hair loss normally only occurs during and after menopause. Approximately half of those who deal with hair loss have acquired the problem genetically.

If you don’t desire your child having to deal with hair loss when they reach middle age, then you must do something to avoid this and find a remedy in the beginning stage. DHT is the main hormone responsible for hair loss. An enzyme called 5-alpha reductase that is produced by the adrenal glands, is responsible for the production of testosterone. In turn, testosterone produces DHT. It is based on how old the male is and how his enzymes function. The hair follicle is rather quick, due to the effects of DHT. It causes shrinking hair follicles, makes them shorter, and sooner or later destroys them. Men and women have hair loss mostly because of “Androgenetic Alopecia”. Stress, thyroid problems, autoimmune diseases such as diabetes, trauma systems, fever, psoriasis, etc. are some of the causes.

So we thought that using certain high-quality could help us restore hair to our balding heads, but treatment must begin early on. Many products are available to promote hair growth, and some are more expensive than others. These products will slow or block the production of DHT.

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