Detoxifying Foot Pads Relieve Of Many Problems

Do these detoxifying foot pads really work?

The answer will vary by who is asked.

A doctor employed in a state health institution will surely state that detoxifying foot pads do absolutely nothing valuable.

It makes sense. These folks dislike anything that is related to the area of alternative medicine. Actually, they don’t put credence in any kind of natural products.

However, this is to be expected. They want to protect their job! They detest easy solutions which can be applied rather than their costly treatments. AIDS, cancer, diabetes, and other diseases will not ever have a cure available for this reason. Generating monetary profit, not restoring health, is not the primary concern of the health and medical care industry throughout the world.

The information you will receive if you speak to people with no medical affiliation will be completely different.

Individuals being treated with detoxifying foot pads have achieved excellent results. Unbelievable changes in sleep, energy levels, and overall health status are realized in these people!

The foot pads were tested in a lab. Many lab results indicate lead, arsenic, mercury, nickel, aluminum, cadmium and phthalates (side products of plastic). Although, there were only ingredients that were natural found in the patches when they were tested.

Hence, this demonstrates the effectiveness of detoxing foot pads.

Testing them is also an option. Before using the pads, have your blood tested; should any elevated levels of a substance such as lead be found, have your blood re-tested after you use the pads for a month and see if the levels of lead in your blood have decreased.

Doubters believe that it is just the moisture in sweat which alters the pad color. So how do you explain the color getting paler and paler until it changes to clear after a number of days in use? They become paler because there is a reduced quantity of contaminant being withdrawn through the skin.

There is one other important consideration you should not forget about. Detoxifying foot pads are also available for purchase at CVS, our country’s largest retail pharmacy chain, along with Avon. Why would those reputable companies spread a scam? Wouldn’t they validate the item’s efficacy prior to putting their name on it?

Birth control and nicotine patches have been shown to be effective and are routinely prescribed by physicians, so is it such a stretch to understand that detox foot pads are effective as well?

In the final analysis, the foot pads work as advertised. Before you discount the possibility of this product working, at least give it a trial run.

Nevertheless, you should never forget one critical aspect about this. You can also find cheap imitations with lower quality or even dangerous ingredients.

You only want to buy a product that has been tested and shown to work. Following are the foot pads that we have found to produce very good results.

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