Change and What to Expect Post 2

One thing many people experience is weakness during a cleansing. This is because your body only has so much energy. During this time, its focus is on purifying and eliminating toxins and dead tissue, so it can make way for healthier regenerated tissue. If, at this time, you add any of the things you’ve eliminated, such as coffee or tea containing caffeine, you will stop the process.

The cleansing process is broken down into three phases: Catabolism — where the focus is on breaking down and eliminating old tissue; Stabilization — where the amount of waste material being discarded is equal to the amount of new, vital tissue being replaced; and the third — Anabolism, which is the build-up phase. As your body becomes used to better foods, your assimilation of them will improve.

With a better food program, you may find that previous cravings are no longer there; you’re able to maintain your weight at a reasonable level; your mental faculties are more stable; you have more desire to live life to the fullest!

Understand also that the body runs in cycles. Even though you are eating better than ever, there will be periods of greater elimination. If the body tried to eliminate all the toxic waste and materials you put into it in a lifetime, it would kill you. (Interesting how it can hold so much in the tissues and still survive, isn’t it?)

Just remember, every time this happens, if you don’t do anything to stop it, in a few days, you’ll feel stronger and better.

A good, simple way to assist the body in purifying is to drink hot water with lemon juice. Lemon juice is a great kidney and liver purifier.

And remember, the skin is considered a third kidney and also a third lung, so you need to keep this channel of elimination open — as you do all the channels of elimination.

The thing you want to remember is, don’t stop the process! Every time you do, you have to start over.

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