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How do I balance my cardiovascular and my strength objectives? I am 49 years old, I weigh 200 pounds and am 6 feet 3 inches tall. My body fat is less than 11 percent. I bike four or five times a week for 45 to 60 minutes and do weight training three times a week.

I am satisfied with my cardio fitness level, but would like to increase upper body muscle mass and strength without increasing body fat or my waistline!


What you need to do is be more aggressive with your weight training. Make sure you have proper form with all of the movements and that you train at a relatively high intensity level, somewhere in between eight and 12 repetitions maximum with each set you perform.

I would recommend you perform one movement per muscle group, two sets per exercise, eight to 12 repetitions per set, resting 45 seconds between each set.

The key to increasing your muscle mass is to overload the muscles; therefore, keep increasing the weight as you get to 12 repetitions comfortably with each exercise. But do not compromise your form; that is an important factor!

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